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Any software development company should be clearly in line with the end-users' opinions and wishes. For this reason, maintaining an active relationship with the end-users of the product or service via regular communication is of great help when it comes to identifying current market needs. We at Webstring Technologies do exactly the same.


No matter what kind of industry you are in, be it a Large Scale Industry, a simple retail shop or something in between, the fundamental components are comfort, productivity and budget. For the majority of owners the IT-related activities / products must have the flexibility to go from everyday activities to long term benefits. Webstring got you covered by one of the following solutions.

General Trading

Our General Trading Solution provides companies of any type of purchase or sales trading whether it is local or international. Our solution has vast options created by means of experience where in which you can get all the information about your business right at a click of a button.

Financial Accounting & Inventory

Whether your business is small or Medium or Large scale industry accounting and inventory is a must. Our Accounting and Inventory solution gives your business all the necessary financial, store and stock under one roof. Our solution has a basic and advanced features based on the customer needs.


Manufacturing takes turns under all types of economic systems. In capitalist free markets, goods are manufactured on demand by millions of small independent producers in direct competition with each other. Modern manufacturing includes all intermediate processes required the production and integration of a product's components. Our Solution will help you compete in the market and get your business on a higher level.

Point Of Sales

Businesses are increasingly adopting POS systems and one of the most obvious and compelling reasons is that a POS system does away with the need for price tags. Selling prices are linked to the product code of an item when adding stock, so the cashier merely needs to scan this code to process a sale. Our Solution will ease your operation.

Human Resource & Payroll

From a human resources viewpoint, the payroll department is critical because employees are sensitive to payroll errors and irregularities: Good employee morale requires payroll to be paid timely and accurately. The primary mission of the payroll department is to ensure that all employees are paid accurately and timely with the correct withholdings and deductions, and that the withholdings and deductions are remitted in a timely manner. Try our solution and you will be relieved from tensions.

Contracting Management

Our Contracting Management solution helps the Construction companies to manage their Projects and to control their costs also we provide with the Purchase Management, Estimation management, Planning, Quality which provides the construction system a complete solution to work with.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Enterprise system software is a multibillion-dollar industry that produces components supporting a variety of business functions. The ERP system integrates varied organizational systems and facilitates error-free transactions and production, thereby enhancing the organization's efficiency. Our solution provides you the best ERP experience.


Our Services

Developing end-user focused software offers a number of advantages, such as the value added to the product, which enhances the client to be ahead of the competitors'. Webstring Technologies LLC knows what the users expect and what their needs are which helps the end-user to succeed in their objectives. When the service initial design is right, the costs related to the initial investment are reduced, which is vital for companies.

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Security Systems

Our Products

Today, it seems obvious that the key to manufacturing or developing a high-quality and successful product or service lies in the level of customer satisfaction. We at Webstring Technologies have some products which actually get things start of immediately for your business.

Contracting Management

Web / Desktop Application

Enterprise Resource Planning

Desktop Application

HR & Payroll Software

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Manufacturing Software

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Point Of Sale

Web / Desktop Application

Accounting Software

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General Trading Software

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Salon Software

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Webstring Technology is an IT Company which provides you the Smart Solutions for all your business needs whether it is small or medium or large scale industry. Located in Dubai also known as the "Pearl of the Persian Gulf" we can reach you easily and provide you the best and cost effective solution more than you can imagine. Be a part of our Clientele and you will know the difference.

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Our mission is to provide a better and smart solution for your business by working together and provide our customer with a pocket friendy deal. It is through passion and commitment to our clients that we develop products to face real-world challenges. It is our love for and dedication to what we do that enables us to become a better company for ourselves, for clients, our community and the world.

Our work extends in such a way that at a point of time you will feel us as a part of your team

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